About FCO

Flatirons Community Orchestra strives to be as open and inclusive as possible, to put as much “community” in “community orchestra” as we possibly can. We play for the love of making music together. We are very friendly, and we have joined forces in FCO to make a place that we feel is unique. Our organization and policies have been structured differently than other community orchestras with the goal of maximizing this inclusiveness and community aspect, and to increase our enjoyment of rehearsing and performing together.

Purpose and Goals

  • To provide an avenue for the extension of musical studies and lifetime enrichment for instrumentalists of all ages and expertise.
  • To promote traditional orchestral and wind symphony repertoire through rehearsals and voluntary-donation performances.
  • To supply (possibly paid) musical accompaniment to special events for the benefit of both the musicians and the audience.

Section Organization

The only named principal player will be the concertmaster. The concertmaster will be selected by agreement between the Music Director and the Board. Each section shall be self-organizing according to the principles outlined in the Players Handbook. The intent is to provide opportunities for players that they may not be able to find anywhere else. We encourage all sections to rotate parts for a single piece or concert, in order to create maximum inclusiveness. Any player in any section, who is qualified, should have the opportunity to play 1st chair, and that position should be freely rotated.

Member Support

We are a fee-based orchestra, to reduce fundraising and maximize music-making. Rather than charge a flat membership fee, players donate what they are able. The suggested donation is $5 to $10 per rehearsal ($20 to $40 per month). Donations are tax-deductible and donors receive a year-end donation statement. Questions about donating can be directed to the FCO Treasurer, Elke Adler (clarinet).

Musicians Needed

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