John Limon (horn)


Elke Adler (clarinet)


Beth Johnson (clarinet)

Members At Large

Chelle Limon (clarinet)
Jenny Lindberg (oboe)

Executive Committee

In addition to the Board, the Executive Committee (EC) does most of the work of planning concerts and running the orchestra. The EC is composed of Board members, and any orchestra members who want to help.

There is an EC meeting the first Wednesday of each month before rehearsal at 6:00pm. We would love for more players to show up and participate in the planning of our next season, and discussions of how to make our organization better and stronger.

String Liaison

Judy Stone (viola)

Since the Board and Executive Committee is almost entirely wind players, Judy has volunteered to provide more string player perspective at EC meetings. String players — talk to Judy if you have comments, or come to an EC meeting yourself 😉

If you need to get in touch with a Board member, or want to get involved in the Executive Committee, please email