Volunteer Opportunities

If you have questions or would like more information on any of these open positions, please email fcoannouncements@gmail.com

Board Members

Board members are responsible for voting on major changes as well as participating in meetings for ongoing orchestra management. See more in the Mission and Bylaws. If you would like to join the Board, speak to an existing Board member to get on the ballot.

There is a Board meeting the first Wednesday of each month before rehearsal at 6:00pm. This meeting is open to all! We would love for more players to show up and participate in the planning of our next season, and discussions of how to make our organization better and stronger.

Volunteer Committees

In addition to the Board, various volunteer committees assist with planning concerts and running the orchestra. This includes suggesting music repertoire and concert dates, finding concert venues and soloists, advertising and promotion, setup and cleanup at rehearsals, and all the logistics involved in putting on our concerts.

Grant Writing and Fundraising

If you have experience writing grant proposals or planning fundraising campaigns, the Board could use your expertise! Talk to a Board member if you can help.

Cookie Baker

We have cookies or other treats at every rehearsal, provided by a member of the orchestra. If you are interested in bringing baked goods, talk to Beth (clarinet) at rehearsal to join the cookie rotation.